13 Agosto – A Breezy Walk to School


“I had a lovely breakfast and breezy walk to school. This morning, Nikira and I learned all the words they don’t often teach in formal settings, but are so helpful in practical ministry. Our group visited an organization that supports activists and activist groups. I admit that the hour and a half long presentation was over my head a little bit. It’s taking a lot to listen and think in Spanish for so long. This, I suppose, will improve over time. I came home for a delicious lunch then went almost immediately back to school with my housemate from our group. Despite my vacation email away message being on, it felt great to spend an hour catching up on some home responsibilities. We had another presentation on Base Christian Communities. I don’t quite understand the concept but they gave us a great handout that has more info, in Spanish. It will be a good read. Tonight, I chatted with my host mom, Iza, who is the sweetest woman in the world. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep because tomorrow is a long day!” — Ally Vertigan

— in Cuernavaca, Morelos. #psrimmersion

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